Meet the Maker

Hello, fellow tie-dye enthusiasts! I’m Karissa Noonan and I’ve been intentionally staining clothing since 2010. I love to travel and spend time outdoors. I believe that music and singing are a kind of magic that we are incredibly fortunate to experience on this earth. And I believe in the power of expressing ourselves through what we choose to wear.

Though I have always had an affinity for tie-dye, I was truly introduced while attending university in Flagstaff, where busking, slack-lining, sandals, and small businesses thrive. I loved the designs and colors, but I wanted something more. I started experimenting with deeply saturated pigments and fabric folding techniques in my small college apartment kitchen. Classmates started to ask for color combinations and designs - every new idea presented a wonderful challenge and opportunity to create the one-of-a-kind garments that I adore.

I am passionate about art in all forms, but I struggle with the administrative responsibilities of maintaining a business. Thankfully, my amazing partner (who is strong where I am weak) surprised me with a brand, business cards, a website domain, and a platform to build and maintain that site.

And thus, in August of 2017, Peace, Love & Tie-Dye was officially born! The overwhelming support and encouragement that I have received since the beginning of this endeavor is astounding and I don’t have the words to express my gratitude. Thank you for visiting and for appreciating this medium that I love so dearly!